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AvSport of Lock Haven -- 353 Proctor Street, Lock Haven PA 17745

About AvSport of Lock Haven

AvSport is a new flight school based in Hangar One on the North side of historic Piper Memorial Airport, Lock Haven PA (ancestral home to Piper Aircraft, and birthplace of the Cub). We specialize in training candidates for the FAA Sport Pilot license, using modern Light Sport aircraft (at about half the cost, and half the instructional time, needed to earn a Private Pilot license). Elsewhere on this website you can learn about our trainer aircraft, our maintenance department, our flight simulator club, and our Chief Flight Instructor. The material below will familiarize you with the new Sport Pilot rules, restrictions, and training requirements.

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Federal Aviation Administration logo AvSport of Lock Haven is an FAR Part 61 Flight School, registered with the Transportation Security Administration as an approved Alien Flight Student Program provider. Transportation Security Admin logo
As an FAA Safety Team approved training provider, AvSport of Lock Haven offers courses eligible for both Wings and AMT Award credit. FAA Safety Team logo
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If you can drive, you can fly!

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