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prop image     Instructors' Photos

thumbnail   Chief Flight Instructor (Lock Haven Express photo by Wendy Stiver)

thumbnail   Chief Flight Instructor H. Paul Shuch with his Beechcraft Sierra

thumbnail   Prof. Shuch's authentic MG-TD, tucked under the wing of an equally authentic Berlin Airlift C-54 transport

thumbnail   Adjunct Flight Instructor Eric Cipcic with his Cirrus SR-20

thumbnail   Adjunct Flight Instructor John Spencer with his Piper Comanche

thumbnail   Adjunct Flight Instructor Joe Dougherty with his Beechcraft Bonanza

thumbnail   Dave Fisher once instructed in Navy T-34Cs. Now a civilian CFI, he flies AvSport's SportStar, as well as his own PiperSport

thumbnail   Flight Instructor Ang Sandhoo, who normally flies a Pitts aerobatic biplane, checks out in AvSport's SportStar

thumbnail   New Zealand glider instructor Phil Milne transitions to power planes in AvSport's SportStar

thumbnail   Our Chief Flight Instructor flying low in the company car

thumbnail   Longtime Lock Haven flight instructor Bill Fuchs, seen circa 1947 (and remembered here in 2010)

thumbnail   Flight instructor Tom Bauman receiving FAA Master Pilot Award in 2009 (and remembered here in 2011)

thumbnail   Prof. Shuch test-flying Art H's Ercoupe in Florida

thumbnail   FAA's Kathy Martin presents Prof. Shuch with the FAASTeam Aviation Safety Award

thumbnail   Prof. Shuch seeks the sun on a cold winter morning

thumbnail   Area flight instructor Bob Bowers checks out in our SportStar

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