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Pilot Downsizertm LSA Transition Module
Helps licensed pilots become Light Sport proficient, for a mere $1000!

Are you a Private pilot or above who hasn't flown in years? Let your medical certificate lapse, or afraid of being denied if you try to renew it? Not had a Flight Review within the previous 24 calendar months? Don't have access to a plane, but still want to fly? In need of recurrency training? Can't afford to operate a certificated aircraft? Want to downsize to something simpler? Or just want to experience the thrill of Light Sport flying? As long as you are healthy enough to drive, you can become a fully qualified Sport Pilot in just three days!

The Need for Transition Training

Mike Adams, vice president of underwriting for Avemco Insurance, stated in a 2009 interview that experienced pilots continue to underestimate the challenges of putting lightweight, draggy and low-powered airplanes on the pavement, resulting in the majority of LSA insurance claims. The accident trend is headed in the right direction, he said, but it has a ways to go. In 2008, Avemco added a clause to its LSA policies requiring a minimum of five hours of dual with a properly rated instructor for any pilot, regardless of experience, before first solo. Adams said experienced pilots need the transition time to get used to flying something tiny again, and a recent decrease in LSA accidents clearly shows that the instructor time is paying off. AvSport is pleased to provide structured transition training for experienced pilots downsizing to Light Sport Aircraft (and, in fact, all AvSport flight instructors are required to receive this same training before instructing in our aircraft).

The 3-day AvSport LSA Transition Module consists of:

To enroll in the AvSport LSA Transition Module, you must:


Completion Standards
Upon successful completion of this training module, you will:

FAA Safety Team WINGS eligibility
This course includes recurrency training in the following areas of emphasis, satisfying all of the requirements for a phase of the FAASTeam WINGS award at the Basic level:

Prepay and save:

The Fine Print: Certain weight, height, and health restrictions apply. We regret that our aircraft cannot safely carry passengers weighing in excess of 250 pounds. All flight participants will be asked to sign our standard Liability Waiver form.

Federal Aviation Administration logo AvSport of Lock Haven is an FAR Part 61 flight school and FAA Safety Team approved training provider, offering both Wings and AMT Award credit. FAA Safety Team logo

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If you can drive, you can fly!

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