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AvSport of Lock Haven -- 353 Proctor Street, Lock Haven PA 17745

Flight FUNdamentals tm introductory aviation mini-course
A four-lesson, minimal-commitment introduction to flight training
Priced at just $1100 (plus 6% state sales tax) including instruction, aircraft, fuel, books, supplies, and fees

Have you always wanted to be a pilot, but are not sure you have the Right Stuff? Are you intimidated by the time and cash commitment required for a full pilot training course? Do you want to just try Sport flying on for size, to see how it fits you? As long as you are healthy enough to drive, you can get a realistic introduction to pilot training in four simple lessons!

AvSport's 4-day Flight FUNdamentals mini-course consists of:

To enroll in AvSport's Flight FUNdamentals, you must:


Completion Standards
Upon successful completion of Flight FUNdamentals, you will:

Scheduling flexibility
Depending upon your needs, you may schedule your four day adventure in several different ways:

Prepay and save:

Gift Certificates Available!

You may order a Flight FUNdamentals Gift Certificate through the mail, paying with a check for $1166.00 (tax included), drawn on any US bank or US Correspondent bank. Or, you may remit by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express) using the secure PayPal payment service, by clicking on the graphical link below. Be sure to indicate the names of the giver and recipient with your order, as well as a postal address to which the gift certificate should be sent.

Name of recipient:
Gift from whom?

Click on the above graphic to remit via PayPal

The Fine Print: Certain weight, height, and health restrictions apply. We regret that our aircraft cannot safely carry passengers weighing in excess of 250 pounds. All flight participants will be asked to sign our standard Liability Waiver form.

Federal Aviation Administration logo AvSport of Lock Haven is an FAR Part 61 Flight School, registered with the Transportation Security Administration as an approved Alien Flight Student Program provider. Transportation Security Admin logo

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If you can drive, you can fly!

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