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thumbnail   Mayor cuts the ribbon at AvSport Grand Opening, 27 March 2010

thumbnail   Refreshmentsat the AvSport Grand Opening included -- what else? Wings!

thumbnail   AvSport Class of 2010 at graduation party, 4 December 2010

thumbnail   AvSport pilots gather for our first Hangar Flying session

thumbnail   Size matters, as seen at the June 2011 Sentimental Journey fly-in

thumbnail   More students, instructors, graduates, and prospects at our growing Monthly Hangar Flying Session, 15 October 2011

thumbnail   AvSport Holiday Potluck (with Wings!), 10 December 2011

thumbnail   Our plane at the Danville EAA fly-in lunch, 4 February 2012.

thumbnail   When the weather isn't fit for flying, AvSport pilots gather for frequent Hangar Flying Sessions, such as this get-together held on 3 March 2012.

thumbnail   At the third International Learn to Fly Day on 19 May 2012, Dean straps into the SportStar for a Discovery Flight with Paul,
while John looks on.

thumbnail   Trey (left) brought a Bristell to the third International Learn to Fly Day event at AvSport.
Here Robert watches as Keith gets checked out.

thumbnail   On International Learn to Fly Day, Paul presents an FAA Wings safety seminar.

thumbnail   Keith and Paul show off the SportStar at the Wellsboro Airport Memorial Day fly-in breakfast, on 28 May 2012.

thumbnail   At Sentimental Journey 2012, Keith M. (left) watches his father get a ride in the back seat of a Cub.

thumbnail   Prof. Shuch delivers an FAA Safety Team WINGS seminar at Wellsboro Johnston Airport in August 2012.

thumbnail   AvSport pilots Keith, John, Pat, and Art help serve at the Fall 2012 Sentimental Journey breakfast.

thumbnail   Keith (l) and Art (r) fly the SportStar to DuBois PA for lunch.   thumbnail

thumbnail   AvSport Holiday Potluck , 16 December 2012

thumbnail   New Year's party in Carl's hangar, 1 January 2013

thumbnail  H. Paul Shuch was a featured speaker at Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring FL, January 2013

thumbnail   Sixteen AvSport pilots gather for a Safety Seminar, February 2013

thumbnail   At KIPT, Keith taxis past the Goodyear Blimp, which visits Williamsport every August for the Little League World Series

thumbnail   AvSport pilots gather to celebrate Keith and John both upgrading from Sport to Private

thumbnail   John's and Keith's cake (you can earn one too!)

thumbnail Prof. Shuch mans the AvSport booth at one of the semi-annual Sentimental Journey pancake breakfasts

thumbnail Flying Musicans John Zapp, Peter Stern, and Paul Shuch performed together Friday night, 12 September 2014 at Liberty Sport Aviation's hangar jam in Lancaster.

thumbnail AvSport New Year's party and pot-luck, 3 January 2015 at Piper Memorial Airport.

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