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The AvSport website is divided into the following sections (which can be accessed by clicking on the graphical buttons at the top, or the text links at the bottom, of every page):

bulletHomereturns you to our top page, from anywhere on the AvSport website. (You may also go there by clicking on the AvSport banner at the top, or the AvSport logo at the bottom, of each page.)
bulletMenudirects you back to this Main Menu, from anywhere on the AvSport website.
bulletAbout contains general information about AvSport, Light Sport aircraft, our standard training modules, instructional costs, and the new Sport Pilot license.
bulletInstruc introduces our instructional curriculum, lets you meet our Chief and Adjunct Flight Instructors, and provides study documents and information about flight training.
bulletAircraft shows you the aircraft available for instruction, rental, or sale at AvSport, and includes links to important aircraft documents.
bulletMaint allows you to tour AvSport's maintenance facility, a factory authorized Rotax Independent Repair Centre where our licensed mechanics can perform routine service, repairs, and inspections on your Light Sport Airplane.
bulletEvents tells you about upcoming Special Events at AvSport and the Piper Memorial Airport, and provides links of interest to local aviators.
bulletPress takes you to our online Press Kit, where you can access press releases, annual reports, news clips, and our extensive photo gallery.
bulletContact helps you to contact AvSport personnel.
bulletSearch brings up two fully indexed Search Engines for this website.


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