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AvSport of Lock Haven -- 353 Proctor Street, Lock Haven PA 17745

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prop image     Students' Photos

thumbnail   AvSport's first student, Matt H.

thumbnail   Youngest student Merit P. (14)

thumbnail   Oldest student Paul B. (80)

thumbnail   Frank P. transitions to Light Sport

thumbnail   Pat W's first lesson

thumbnail   Jack M's first lesson

thumbnail   David S's second flight

thumbnail   Steven K, after first lesson

thumbnail   Mehrdad A's first lesson

thumbnail   Ray's discovery flight

thumbnail   Joe's discovery flight

thumbnail   Skydiver Keith had to remember not to jump

thumbnail   Art H. checks out in his new Ercoupe

thumbnail   Kelly's first lesson

thumbnail   Justin's introductory lesson

thumbnail   Adjunct flight instructor Eric Cipcic gives Grant Davidson dual instruction after a 66-year lapse!

thumbnail   Misty buys herself a birthday present: an introductory flight

thumbnail   Gary starts primary flight training

thumbnail   Prof. Shuch prepares to give Pete his first flight lesson

thumbnail   David B. completes his second lesson (and still smiling)

thumbnail   Joey's discovery flight

thumbnail   David taxiing back after first unassisted landing

thumbnail   Armstrong's introductory lesson

thumbnail   Pat M's first lesson

thumbnail   Jim E. completes first flight

thumbnail   Ben's first lesson

thumbnail   John gets back in the cockpit after a ten year hiatus

thumbnail   Engineering student Adam takes an introductory lesson

thumbnail   14 year old Aris takes a discovery flight, displacing Merit from the position of Youngest Student

thumbnail   Chuck's introductory lesson

thumbnail   Kyle's first flight

thumbnail   Swedish pilot Andreas flies our SportStar while on vacation

thumbnail   Greig takes a discovery flight

thumbnail   Alex's first lesson

thumbnail   Billy takes an introductory lesson

thumbnail   Andrew's first lesson

thumbnail   Emily's introductory lesson

thumbnail   Vernon's first flight lesson

thumbnail   Janey starts flight instruction

thumbnail   Scott takes an introductory lesson

thumbnail   Emily D. takes a lesson in the SportStar

thumbnail   Shane's introductory lesson

thumbnail   Corrine takes a Discovery Flight

thumbnail  Rocky's first lesson

thumbnail  Mariah's third lesson

thumbnail  Vittal's introductory lesson

thumbnail  Tyler's father gave him a gift certificate for an introductory lesson

thumbnail  Mike also got a gift certificate, and enjoyed his introductory lesson

thumbnail  Tim starts pre-solo training at AvSport

thumbnail  After flying an Aeronca Champ for five years, John P. tries out our SportStar

thumbnail  Forklift operator Kyle completes his first flight lesson

thumbnail  Glenn S. still smiling after his first flight lesson

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