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guitar Aviation Folk Songs
by AvSport's chief flight instructor, Prof. H. Paul Shuch

H. Paul Shuch, circa 1960
That was then...
Sebring 2013 AvSport Grand Opening member, Flying Musicians Association AvSport hangar party circa 2007
...This is now.

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  1. Born to Fly
  2. Little Baggies
  3. First Solo Mio
  4. Fly Again
  5. Checkride Blues
  6. The Leaving of Terra
  7. Don't Cross the Line
  8. The Rest of the Stars
  9. It's Flying That I Love
  10. Jet Song
  11. Wichita Spam-Can
  12. Long May You Fly
  13. Burning Rubber to the Edge of Space
  14. Burning Rubber Farther Into Space
  15. The One That I Fly
  16. Sentimental Journey
  17. Sport Pilots in the Sky
  18. About the LSA
  19. Fly With Me
  20. Flight of your Life
  21. Doomed to Fly
  22. The Code of the Sky
  23. Step on the Ball
  24. She'll Be Flying 'Round the Mountain
  25. Yellow Piper Cub
  26. Czech LSA
  27. Evektor
  28. Clear Prop!
  29. Get It Up
  30. Seaplane!

Copyright Disclaimer: Some of the songs appearing on this website incorporate themes or melodies which are the intellectual property of others. These derivative works are intended to constitute parody and commentary on the original sources, a free speech right which is protected under the Fair Use provision of US law (Copyright Act of 1976, 17 USC para. 107). Unless otherwise indicated, permission to parody these songs was neither obtained nor sought from the original artists.

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