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The Next Step Uptm Private Pilot Add-On Module
Licensed Sport Pilots can now upgrade to Private Pilot, for just $2700! *

Are you a licensed Sport Pilot wanting to upgrade to a Private Pilot license? Can you qualify for an FAA Third Class medical certificate? If your Sport Pilot training was conducted by a fully qualified Certified Flight Instructor, it all counts toward higher ratings! Upgrade your skills at AvSport, to add Private Pilot privileges.

The AvSport Private Pilot Add-on Course consists of:

To enroll in the AvSport Private Pilot Add-on Module, you must:

AvSport's Private Pilot Add-On curriculum consists of four distinct modules, which may be completed individually, scheduled at your convenience:

Completion Standards
Upon successful completion of this training module, you will:

Prepay and save:

* Note: The above hours and pricing are based upon our minimum requirements for the Private Pilot license, as established in FAR Part 61. Price includes training materials, instruction, and aircraft rental for a fixed number of lessons and flight hours. It does not include 6% state sales tax, or FAA knowledge and practical examination fees, which are neither set by nor paid to AvSport. Neither does it include the cost of FAA medical certification, which is required for Private Pilot and above ratings. Many students receive training above and beyond the minimum required. If you desire or require additional instruction, it may be purchased at our affordable Pay As You Go rates.

The Fine Print: Certain weight, height, and health restrictions apply. We regret that our aircraft cannot safely carry passengers weighing in excess of 250 pounds. All flight participants will be asked to sign our standard Liability Waiver form.

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