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Microcomm Consulting
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Key Personnel

bullet     H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D., Chief Engineer

bullet     Muriel Hykes, Network Administrator

bullet     Jeffrey Pawlan, Consulting Engineer

bullet     Jack Unger, Wireless Networking Consultant

bullet     Steven D. Carver, Esq., Patent and Trademark Counsel

bullet     Contact Us

Please note that Microcomm is a sole proprietorship, wholly owned by Dr. Shuch, who may choose to retain Ms. Hykes, Mr. Unger, Mr. Pawlan, and Dr. Carver as subcontractors where appropriate. Contracts requiring the combined skills of the Microcomm leadership team should be negotiated through Dr. Shuch. Microcomm's clients are of course also free to retain these professionals individually, and may contact them directly for this purpose.


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