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bullet     History in Verse
  1. Boy Scoots Off Chair (it truly started with Morse Code)
  2. Confessions of a Draft Dodger (a true story from the Vietnam Era)
  3. Captain of Industry (the true story behind the founding of Microcomm)
  4. The Halted Surplus Store (the true story behind the origins of Apple)
  5. The Satellite Rebellion (the true story behind the invention of Satellite TV)
  6. Entering Academia (the true story of Microcomm's hiatus)
  7. Microwave Lab (true adventures in teaching)
  8. Nontraditional Student (how ham radio sent me back to graduate school)
  9. The Other Path (the truth about moving East)
  10. Doomed to Fail (why Williamsport?)
  11. The Son You Have Borne Today (a love poem)
  12. No Water in the Pot (the education of Andrew)
  13. Leaving Academia (a true story of starting The SETI League)
  14. Stealing the Key (truly standing up to Mother)
  15. Rocket Scientist (becoming a NASA Principal Investigator)
  16. Touching the Sky (the true story of the origins of AvSport)
  17. Skysonnet (on the true beauty of flight)

Note: The classic articles linked below, hosted on other websites but authored by Microcomm founder Dr. H. Paul Shuch, are available in Portable Document Format. You are welcome to download the free Adobe Acrobat ® reader to allow you to view PDF files. get Acrobat reader

bullet     RF and Microwave Design
  1. Easy-to-Build SSB Transceiver for 1296 MHz
  2. Microstripline Preamplifiers for 1296 MHz
  3. How to Use Double-Balanced Mixers on 1296 MHz
  4. Rat-Race Balanced Mixer for 1296 MHz
  5. Low-Cost 1296-MHz Preamplifier
  6. Microstripline Bandpass Filters for 1296 MHz
  7. Vestigal Sideband Microtransmitter for Amateur Television
  8. Solid-State Microwave Amplifier Design
  9. Circuit Packaging for UHF Double-Balanced Mixers
  10. Interstage 50-ohm Terminator for VHF Converters
  11. Low-Cost Microwave Spectrum Analyzer
  12. Calculating Preamplifier Gain from Noise Figure Measurements
  13. UHF Local-Oscillator Chain for the Purist
  14. Compact and Clean L-Band Local-Oscillators
  15. Quiet! Preamp At Work
  16. State-of-the-art Electromagnetic Jargon Generator
  17. Wideband Microwave Amplifier Design
  18. MMICs Mimic Mixer
  19. Maxwell Without Tears: A Fresh Look at his Infamous Equations
  20. Gaining on the deciBel
  21. Technical Correspondence: Microstrip Design Calculations
  22. Interstage Coupling with an Edge-Coupled Line
  23. Combless Generator Tests Radar Warning Receivers

bullet     Antenna Design

  1. Parabolic Paradox
  2. Far Field Fallacy (also available in Japanese)
  3. Calculating Antenna Bearings for Geostationary Satellites
  4. The Very Small Array
  5. SETI Horn of Plenty: an Argus Antenna Alternative
  6. Multiband Reconfigurable Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna
  7. Updating the Multiband Reconfigurable Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna
  8. Built from Unobtanium: an ATDM Multiband Reconfigurable Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna

bullet     Satellites, Radio Astronomy, and EME

  1. A Cost-Effective Modular Downconverter for S-Band WEFAX Reception
  2. Calculating Antenna Bearings for Geostationary Satellites
  3. Orbital Analysis by Sleight of Hand
  4. Demonstrating Celestial Mechanics Through Measured Doppler Shift
  5. A Weather-Facsimile Display Board for the IBM PC
  6. A Low-Noise Preamp for Weather Satellite VISSR Reception
  7. Measuring the Mass of the Earth: The Ultimate Moonbounce Experiment
  8. 2001: A Moonbounce Odyssey
  9. Calibrating the Signal Generator in the Sky
  10. The World that Passed Us By

bullet     Optics

  1. Wavelength Division Multiplexing Without Filters or Fuss
  2. An excellent article, but...
  3. Fiber Optics: Waveguide of the Future

bullet    Transportation Engineering

  1. General Aviation Collision Avoidance Alternatives
  2. Near Midair Collisions: How Many Really Occur?
  3. Manned vs. Unmanned Space Flight
  4. Ned Nerdy Buys a Bike

bullet     SETI

  1. Searching for Life Among the Stars
  2. SETI Made Simple: What Can We Do?
  3. SETI Horn of Plenty: an Argus Antenna Alternative
  4. Correspondence: Arecibo and SETI
  5. Technical Conversations: Cosmic Cousins
  6. SETI: the Role of the Dedicated Amateur
  7. Quantifying SETI

bullet     Dr. SETI's Starship (Quarterly Column, CQ-VHF Magazine)

  1. Spring 2002: Star Voyager
  2. Summer 2002: In The Beginning
  3. Fall 2002: A Fork in the Road
  4. Winter 2003: Does SETI Theory Hold Water?
  5. Spring 2003: A Marriage Made in Heaven
  6. Summer 2003: Testing the Null Hypothesis
  7. Fall 2003: The Night That Elvis Died
  8. Winter 2004: 'Then I'd Have To Kill You.'
  9. Spring 2004: Postcards from Beyond
  10. Summer 2004: Worked All Worlds
  11. Fall 2004: Remembering John Kraus, W8JK
  12. Winter 2005: Quantifying our Ignorance
  13. Spring 2005: Blame It On Rio
  14. Summer 2005: Remembering W8FIS, the Father of SETI
  15. Fall 2005: Shouting in the Jungle
  16. Winter 2006: When did we become obsolete?


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