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bullet     AvSport Video Gallery

Learning to Fly at Lock Haven University
Video copyright 2010 by Slater Harrison
SportStar Flying the Pattern at KLHV
AvSport video by Keith and Mel
Prof. Shuch Departing N38 in N66AV
AvSport video by Keith
Prof. Shuch Landing N66AV at KLHV
AvSport video by Keith
SportStar Introduction, Part 1
Evektor Aircraft video
SportStar Introduction, Part 2
Evektor Aircraft video
Flying Evektor SportStar LSA
Paul Hamilton video
Evektor SportStar Demo Flight
at Fayetteville, AR airshow
Approach & Landing in Evektor SportStar
Branden & Ryan approach 52F in N919LA
A New LSA Star -- The Evektor SportStar
Aero-TV video with Barry Pruitt
Flying SportStar model 2009
Evektor Australia video
Low wing all metal light sport aircraft
Ultralight News video with Dan Johnson
SportStar Model 2006 Introduction
Evektor Aircraft video
SportStar Safety Brief and Takeoff
Rotax Aircraft Engines
courtesy rotaxowner.com
Why Fly LSA?
Paul Hamilton / ASA video
Evektor Harmony pilot review
courtesy of Ultralight News
Interview with Dan Johnson
President and Chairman, Light Acft Manufacturers Assn.
27th Annual Sentimental Journey Fly-In
Video copyright © 2012 by WNEP-TV
Art and Keith Fly Art's Ercoupe
AvSport video by Keith

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