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wrench     Maintenance Department
Meet our Director of Maintenance

Prof. H. Paul Shuch, LSRM
  • Prof. H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D., CFII, LSRM, iRMT
  • Air Force veteran, Commercial Pilot, retired college professor
  • FAA certified Light Sport Aircraft repairman, Maintenance rating:
  • Rotax factory authorized engine mechanic:
  • Ph.D. in Air Transportation Engineering (UC Berkeley)
  • Nearly 50 years of engineering experience
  • An aircraft owner since 1980
  • volunteer FAA Safety Team Lead Representative
  • Recipient of EAA Safety Achievement Award (Oshkosh 1987)
  • Recipient of FAA Aviation Safety Award (Lock Haven 2011)
  • FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year (Harrisburg 2013)
Rotax factory authorized mechanic
ndependent Rotax Maintenance Technician

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press     AvSport Maintenance Press Releases:
  • 10-12 Flight School Operator Completes Maintenance Training
  • 12-06 Flight School Operator Adds Maintenance Ratings
  • 12-10 Local Flight School Adds Engine Heavy Maintenance
  • 13-07 Flight School Founder Adds Another Maintenance Rating
  • 14-08 Lock Haven Shop Named Rotax Independent Repair Centre
  • 14-09 Local Flight Instructor Receives FAA Safety Team Honors

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