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bullet "Spend 8 hours with H. Paul Shuch. You'll be smarter for the experience."
Robert B. Cooper
Author and publisher
bullet "It appears you are fast becoming a leader in sport/LSA training."
Paul Hamilton, CFI
Designated Pilot Examiner (SPE/SPIE/PE)
bullet "Listen to H Paul Shuch, he is right on."
Joe Kulbeth, CFI
(posted to LinkedIn)
bullet "We are glad to have you at the airport."
Richard W. Marcenkevage
City Manager, City of Lock Haven PA
bullet "Thank you, Paul, for taking the initiative to open this light sport flying school, and for teaching me the skills I needed to accomplish my dream."
Keith McAndrew
newly licensed Sport Pilot
bullet "Regarding my interest in resuming flying ... if it wasn't in my blood before, it is now! I am very impressed with your knowledge and method of training and look forward to continuing in your program."
Matthew S.
lapsed Private Pilot
bullet "I have learned a lot from your postings and I hope you do not change your level of participation on the forum. I have also learned a lot from your website. I wish I were in your area; I'd love to fly with you! Aviation, and light sport aviation in particular, needs more folks like you. Thanks!"
Dave L.
SportPilotTalk participant
bullet "You sir...are a wealth of REALLY GOOD information!!! I wish I lived closer to PA!!!!"
Michigan pilot
bullet "I want to tell you that you're an asset on this forum for us beginning pilots and all your posts are genuine and informative. I really appreciate your insights! Very happy you also saved me $80 on the Gleim materials which went right to a headset. Thanks!! This flying experience is probably the most satisfying thing I've ever done. It still hasn't sunk in that I can fly a plane and am going to become a pilot."
SportPilotTalk participant
bullet "Paul is a catalyst. If he's in the room, you'll have a lively discussion. I miss his frequent visits to my office, as every day he had something supremely interesting to tell me. But I am still lucky to see him monthly at our regional pilots' meeting, where he gives FAA Safety presentations and makes us think twice about everything we do."
Geoff Knauth
Civil Air Patrol pilot
bullet "I have always been impressed by Dr. Shuch's creative innovation and his engineering depth and knowledge."
Jack Unger
former student and colleague
bullet "Paul Shuch is a dedicated professional who addresses any technical program in an exemplary, energetic and competent manner."
Dr. Gareth Knowles
former employer
bullet "Paul is a genius with talents in multiple directions. I am constantly amazed by his breadth of abilities. I only hope when I grow up that I will be like him. He is a role model and friend. He does all this with modesty and humility. Simply amazing!"
Dr. Rachel Tortolini
colleague and fellow Mensan
bullet "Professor Shuch is an excellent teacher, helping his students to understand the aerodynamics and reasons behind proper and safe flight operations."
Matt Hoppes
pre-solo student pilot
bullet "You are much more detailed than the Evektor Sportstar checklist or my previous training has been... Your teaching background is a valuable asset."
Mel Bole
post-solo student pilot
bullet "Dr. Shuch's dynamic teaching style was truly impressive, thanks largely to his interdisciplinary teaching approach. When introducing a new idea, Dr. Shuch would explain the subject in a variety of ways... Articulate and engaging, his command of the material was clearly first-rate."
Garrett Williams
former student
bullet "The most striking aspect of Dr. Shuch's teaching is his ability to make esoteric, dull material seem fascinating. Dr. Shuch's unconventional teaching style was always a nice break from the mundane ... Dr. Shuch always treated me with respect and went to great pains to help me progress, both inside the classroom and out. It's obvious that Dr. Shuch has a didactic edge over his colleagues. Dr. Shuch appreciates erudition in all forms, and though many professors are highly specialized, Dr. Shuch is special. He's a brilliant teacher. His methods are unique; his knowledge is superb and I'd recommend him to any[one]."
Adam Hughes
former student
bullet "I knew from the first class I had with Paul he was going to be demanding and informative. Paul taught with charisma and enthusiasm which made learning fun. Outside the classroom Paul would go the extra mile."
Wayne Patrick
former student
bullet "I have met some of his past students. All speak most highly of him and are very appreciative of the support and education he has provided them."
Prof. Allen Katz
The College of New Jersey
bullet "I have no hesitation in saying he is one of the very best educators I have ever seen."
Prof. Allen Tough
University of Toronto
bullet "I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your service bulletin summary. At the time it was done I was a new first-time aircraft owner, so the thorough process was new to me. If now requested, I'm sure it will be indispensable at the FSDO for the replacement of my lost airworthiness certificate."
Maintenance customer

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