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Mile High Club (intended for mature readers)
copyright 1994 by H. Paul Shuch, all rights reserved

At flight level two three zero
We eye each other hungrily
Tease each other shamelessly
Caress each other tauntingly.
You murmur reassuringly
"Delta is ready
When you are."
I seize the opportunity
For adventure.

Impatiently we wait
For the stews to come forward
With coffee tea or milk,
For the boys to fall asleep
In the seats beside us
Or at least to amuse themselves
With a deck of cards
Or a pair of plastic wings.

Finally, when our patience
Has been tested to the limit
We secret ourselves
To the back of the plane
Perhaps unnoticed, perhaps uncaring
And crowd into a cubicle
Never intended for two.
As I tug at your jeans
I observe it would be easier
If you had worn a skirt.
You do not want it easy,
You reply, but hard.

At four hundred fifty knots
We glide through the sky,
Rowing the boat
At half a mile per stroke.
The engines mask our cries of passion,
And if we rock the plane
The turbulence will go unnoticed.

We've waited our whole lives
To fly united.
You're something special in the air,
The friendly skies reminding me
That USAir begins and ends with us.
And are you so excited
That you find it hard to separate
Reality from fantasy?
Join the club!

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