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Czech LSA
copyright 2014 by H. Paul Shuch, all rights reserved

When first the Berlin Wall, and then the Iron Curtain fell,
Some feared the whole Czech aircraft industry would fall as well.
Their only hope, it seemed, was to convert from weaponry
To building smaller airplanes to be flown by you and me.
The European microlight was born. It's fair to say
That this was the beginning of the US LSA.

Evektor was the first to bring a bird to US shores,
Soon followed by Czech Aircraft Works and half a dozen more.
These simple, fixed-gear, two-place planes all shared a common trait:
Six hundred kilograms or less of maximum gross weight.
They stalled at under forty five, and cruised below one twenty.
You ask, "what can one do with such a plane?" and I say, "plenty."

The light sport revolution has been slow to pick up steam.
And yet, for some, these aircraft were the answer to a dream
Of freedom and adventure and of flight for everyone
Who wished to slip the surly bonds and reach up toward the sun.
In time, they captured the imagination of the public
Here in the USA, and not just in the Czech Republic.

If you desire more speed and range, and do not mind the cost,
Step up to Private Pilot, for that path has not been lost.
But I for one am happy to spend every flying day
In low and slow adventures in a simple LSA.
Perhaps that kind of flying will appeal to you as well,
And you too can be grateful that the Iron Curtain fell.

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