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About Online Flight Scheduling

online flight scheduling

AvSport students, instructors, renter pilots, and customers are encouraged to use the Aircraft Clubs website to schedule the use of our aircraft and flight simulator, or to reserve the services of our Chief Flight Instructor.

Online Scheduler:

When you establish an account with AvSport, you will receive an email giving you a temporary password to allow you access to the online scheduling calendar. Your account will not become active until you respond to that email by clicking on the appropriate link found therein. You will then be able to change the temporary password to one of your choosing. The site will currently allow you to select from among the following AvSport resources:

Other resources may be added at a later date, as we acquire additional aircraft and instructors. For each selected resource, there is a separate online calendar, allowing first come, first served reservations.

If you are scheduling dual flight instruction, don't forget to reserve both an aircraft and an instructor, by selecting both from the pulldowns at the top of the calendar! You may wish to check the instructor's availability first, as an aircraft is often available when an instructor is not.

Should your plans change, please remember to cancel your online reservation at the earliest opportunity, so that others may make use of that resource.

Flight Simulator:

Please note that our Redbird Jay flight simulator is not currently included in the above list of resources available for reservation. Simulator use requires no advance reservations, but is presently limited to enrolled primary students and current Simulator Club members. A simulator login password (which is different from your online reservation system password) will be issued to authorized users upon request. Please contact us in advance regarding simulator use.

Flight simulator access is limited to the following normal airport business hours:

In order to provide equal access to all users, we request that you restrict your flight simulator sessions to no longer than two hours at a time. Should others be waiting to use the simulator, please yield its use to them as soon as is practical. Working together, our SimClub members and students will find that adequate simulator access is available to all.

Practice Account:

There is a dummy account set up at the Club Calendar website, which will allow you to browse the calendar and learn your way around the site. To use it, log in to AircraftClubs.com using the following credentials:

The above login will enable you to test-fly the site. We respectfully request that you not save any actual reservations, as this will limit active users' access to resources. If you experience any difficulties, please contact our Chief Flight Instructor.

Block Scheduling:

AvSport's integrated flight training curriculum is designed around three-hour instructional blocks, with lessons normally scheduled for two times per week. A typical training session consists of an hour of individualized ground instruction, 1.3 hours of in-flight training, and 0.7 hours of post-flight debriefing and instruction. Our normal training times are:

Discovery flights, transition training, flight reviews, and introductory lessons are normally scheduled around these standard time slots. Students enrolled for intensive training are asked to schedule themselves within one of the above blocks (consistently choosing the weekday morning, weekday afternoon, weekend morning, or weekend afternoon slot). Although scheduling is first-come, first-served, out of respect for other students' scheduling needs we ask that you please avoid scheduling the aircraft or instructor outside of standard slots without prior arrangement, and especially avoid scheduling times that overlap two training slots.

Note that students with scheduling flexibility are encouraged to reserve the weekday lessons when possible, leaving the Saturday - Sunday slots open for those students whose work schedule makes weekend training necessary.

Backup Reservations:

If a resource is already reserved for a time you desire to use it (as indicated by the time slot shown in as claimed on the respective online calendar), you may still enter a backup reservation. You do so by clicking the date, and selecting the desired times from the pulldowns as you would normally do. The web calendar will display this message:

[User's name] has the resource reserved from: [date and time out] to [date and time in]
You may make a Backup Reservation if you wish
A backup reservation will automatically be promoted to first position if conflicting first position records are deleted.

Simply click the box that says "Save as Backup Reservation," and you'll be next in line to use that resource, should the previously scheduled user cancel his or her reservation. If this occurs, you will receive an email informing you that your reservation has been advanced to primary.


Should it become necessary to cancel a scheduled lesson or aircraft reservation, advance notice will enable another AvSport pilot to access that resource. As a result, pilots are encouraged to cancel reservations online at the earliest opportunity, should a schedule change occur. Failure to provide reasonable advance notice of a cancellation, should it prevent others from using the resource, may result in the pilot being assessed a minimum rental charge. Of course, cancellations made solely in the interest of safety will never result in charges or assessments.

If you are an AvSport primary student or Simulator Club member, and weather forces you to cancel a planned flight, you are encouraged to instead plan on availing yourself of some simulator time, to keep your flight skills sharp. There is no charge to authorized users for simulator access.

Maintenance Reservations:

AvSport flight instructors and maintenance personnel may take any resource out of service from time to time, for maintenance as required. Maintenance entries on a web calendar show up in RED. Existing reservations will still be displayed. When required maintenance tasks are completed, the maintenance reservation will be removed from the calendar, so that previously scheduled users may access the resource.

online flight scheduling

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