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Five More Weeks of Heaven

Continuing in our tradition of quality intensive flight training, AvSport of Lock Haven on the Piper Memorial Airport now offers a follow-on to our popular Five Weeks, Rain or Shine pre-solo training package. Graduates of our primary program are invited to continue with their intensive flight instruction, taking you from your first supervised solo flight, all the way to successful completion of all Sport Pilot licensing requirements, in as little as five weeks.

(Note that intensive training is not for everyone. It is probably the most efficient flight training model, giving you the most bang for the buck. However, if you prefer to proceed at a more leisurely pace, our Pay As You Go option is certainly available as well.)

As demand dictates, AvSport's Chief Flight Instructor will set aside several additional blocks of time throughout the year, to provide concentrated post-solo flight instruction to a select group of dedicated students. Each student reserves one of only four available 10-lesson training slots (Monday and Friday mornings or afternoons, or Saturday and Sunday mornings or afternoons, each for five weeks). Morning slots will typically run from 9 AM to noon, and afternoon slots from 2 to 5 PM. Minor adjustments are possible to meet individual students' needs. Slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Lesson scheduling is firm - no cancellations, refunds, or rescheduling will be permitted. Each student is expected to show up for every one of his or her scheduled lessons.

Classes will include, on average, one hour of individualized ground tutorial instruction, 1.3 hours of flight experience, and a 0.7 hour post-flight debriefing per lesson. On any day that the weather permits, students will fly with the instructor. On bad weather days, they will receive additional ground instruction. If the weather is really bad, student and instructor will work together in the hangar, repairing the tornado-damaged aircraft!

Students will continue to use the study materials provided in their pre-solo training module. They agree to attend every session, and to complete homework assignments on all non-flying days. Like the previous one, this course is a major commitment, not to be taken lightly - but at the end of the course, every student who attends all sessions and completes all assignments can reasonably expect to be ready to pass his or her Sport Pilot practical examination (oral and flight tests).

Your instructor's pledge: I know I'm asking a lot of you. In return for your effort and dedication, I commit all of my time and energy to making the selected four students successful. I will not instruct anyone else during your assigned term, and will endeavor to clear my calendar of all other obligations -- as should you. Together, we will do whatever it takes for all four of you to become licensed. Although nobody can guarantee success, I promise to do everything within my power, provide all necessary instruction and assistance, toward graduating four fully qualified Sport Pilots by the end of the term.

Five More Weeks of Heaven will follow the entire AvSport PostSolo Module curriculum, on an accelerated basis. The program is open only to graduates of AvSport's Five Weeks, Rain or Shine intensive pre-solo course. You must complete your first supervised solo flight, and pass your Sport Pilot Knowledge Test (written exam), prior to commencing training. Cost is $2700, plus 6% state sales tax (a total of $2862), and includes an estimated fuel surcharge which may vary with prevailing energy costs. The package includes (on average) 7 hours of dual flight instruction, 6 hours of solo flight, 14 hours of individualized ground instruction, a two-hour practice oral exam, and a one-hour practice checkride. Course dates are posted to the AvSport EVENTS page. Contact our Chief Flight Instructor for slot availability. A $1,000 non-refundable deposit reserves your training position. The balance is payable in full prior to the first day of your instructional term.

Should our training schedule be full, a $1,000 refundable deposit will secure your position on our waiting list for the next available opening (first come, first served, of course).

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Five more weeks of touching heaven. Five more weeks of training hell. Individualized instruction with personal attention. All the help you need. The rest is up to you.

Please note that AvSport offers intensive training, not a saturation course. Some other flight schools compress this curriculum into a single week of frenetic activity, and have their students flying as much as two full lessons per day. We call this the Crash Course approach, believe the name is applicable, and in the interest of safety, do not offer it at AvSport.

Other Instructors' Comments about Accelerated Flight Training

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